Everyone keep saying
having older siblings are way better
than being alone or the eldest

the younger ones always be the baby
the younger ones always be defended
the younger ones always happy

eventually their assumptions
are not always right
when the younger need to be patient
the younger need to give in

when the olders let the eldest child
when the olders agree with the eldest
when the olders keep protecting the eldest
They do everything for the eldest

Is it really cruel
when the younger as second choice
when the younger need to face reality
that the eldest need to do whatever they want
as the olders give the permission

what about the younger?
why can everyone understand the younger
why everyone sees only the eldest
Whats wrong give the eldest a lesson

is it really hurt
when the younger wants
the best for the eldest
but the olders just sit down
dont want to do anything
and try to support the younger

i just want to say to all future olders
dont discriminate the young or the eldest
because they are your child
and you have to give them lesson well
not let them do whatever they want

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