Daily Archives: September 16, 2019

Stucked next chapter

To anyone who read this
to anyone who wanted to heal
to anyone who wanted to see their self
Congratulation if you can do it

There are scars stick around us
there are thoughts that lingered
there are things we want to change
but sometimes why we can not

“Dont think too much”
“you’re just overreacting”
“its not what you think it is”

all of those words are right
everything is so right
nobody denies it

why its so hard to forget
things that we dont want to think
but still stick with us

Why is it so hurt
when we think about it
but it never happened
or maybe it happened

Please just get away thoughts
no one need you
no one ever need you

or maybe
this heart need evidence
that it will never hurt again
and those eyes never tear again

its almost over
its actually over
but why is it so hard
to forget about it

Please heart
dont hurt again
this semester